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"Camping" in the Taklamakan Desert

Ever since watching the movie Aladdin , I have had a dream of traveling to one of the world’s great deserts.  The Taklamakan desert, outside of Turpan, is the world’s second largest desert and it was definitely a trip that will not be forgotten.

Sleeping in the desert without tents seemed like a fun idea until the sun went down and the wind came up.  Though we got very little sleep and woke up with sand in every place imaginable, it was a truly amazing time.

Xinjiang, Desert, Turpan, Taklemakan, Camping

Our "Camp" in the Taklemakan

There is something about being in the midst of nothing that gives a calming peace and helps one think about the things that are truly important.

Taklamakan Desert Dunes

Looking out over the desert

Every time that I see this picture, I think of the poem, Footprints, by Carolyn Joyce Carty, and remember the One who carries me through everyday of my life.

Footprints in the Desert

Footprints in the Desert Looking into the Sun

No great adventure is complete without a game of football, so, of course, we had to bring one a play a quick pick-up game in the desert.

Football in the Desert

Football in the Desert


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