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Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an city wall South Gate

The South Gate of the Xi'an city wall

Xi'an city wall

On top of the wall

The Xi'an City Wall is a great example of a do-it-yourself tour. It costs a small fee to rent a bike for an hour and a half, and you can ride all the way around the old city in about that length of time. The ride features great views of both old and new China, from the bell and drum towers to new construction going on just outside the walls. 

Biking on the Xi'an city wall

You can pay to ride a bike 14 km around the old city on top of the wall.

Along the Xi'an wall

Another view on the wall

Wall Decor

Lanterns along the Xi'an city wall

Drum Tower

A view of the drum tower from the South Gate

Xi'an city wall south gate 2

A view of the Xi'an city wall south gate from the top of the wall.

Xi'an is a city of great historical significance, whether as the terminus of the old Silk Road, the capital of numerous Chinese dynasties such as the Tang dynasty, and as the former largest city in the world, with over 1 million residents in 600 AD. The current city walls surround a much smaller city than the Tang capital, which was called Chang'an, but the current walled city still holds much to see.
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