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The REAL Dawa Kol

Dawa Kol

Traveling by motorcycle toward the REAL Dawa Kol

Most people you ask will tell you that there is only one Dawa Kol and that it is very touristy and not worth going to. I have not been to that Dawa Kol but I have heard manystories. The Real  Dawa Kol is in no way an over run tourist place. It seemed as though people had not been there in a couple years and was an exciting trek to find. We got to the starting point late in the day and decided after talking with the locals that it was best to take motos out to find this place that we had heard very little about. It was about seven thirty when we set out and into the desert. We decided to save money and be more ecological so we took six people on three bikes. We started off great as TJ laid down the bike we were on within about two seconds of riding into the desert. It isn’t very smart to try and ride into the desert on a road bike. After that we didn’t lay down the bike until the trip back, but it wasn’t smooth sailing from there. We were on and off the bikes pushing and pull

Traveling to Dawa Kol by motorcycle

ing to get the road bikes through the sand. After about two hours or so we came to the first of the four Dawa Kol “Lakes”. It was disappointing to say the least. After trekking through the desert for two hours thinking that it would only take thirty to forty minutes. We sat down and started to talk about how the trip was not worth it. Our guide was not satisfied with our find and he continued to keep walking. Within a few minutes we heard the faint honking of a horn from one of the motos. We quickly went to where he had quickly found a second slightly larger lake. This then began a hunt for the other two of the four total legendary Dawa Kols. After finding the third and largest Dawa Kol, we decided to head back due to height of the sun on the horizon. We were excited that it hadn’t turned out to be a disaster as we had first thought. Between the three lakes of Dawa Kol that we found it was quite an adventure overall and very much worth the trek. As we left to head back from the Real Dawa Kol we

TJ on his bike

TJ on his bike

took a different pathway back that was more of a road. It involved much less pulling and pushing of the bikes through the sand. It was also about a 30 km trek instead of maybe a 15. It ended up taking us about another two hours to get back to the main road as we laid down the bike a couple more times. Only having to push and pull the bike through a little bit more sand, it was mostly just riding through the dark the rest of the way. Thank God that we made it back alright to the road. Because we had taken a different way back we ended up about ten km farther from the village on the main road. About five km to go and we ran out of gas. Luckily our translator was behind us and we were able to siphon about a bottles worth of gas out of his tank to help us get back to the small village. The guide and others who lent us their bikes were not too happy by the end of the trip. We

The Real Dawa Kol

At the lake

quickly paid them for the bikes and got into the van and headed for Kashgar. After all was said and done it was the most exciting trip in Kashgar that we did. I would encourage you to take camels or horses and not leave as the sun is setting. We have successfully found three of the four “Real  Dawa Kols”. I hope that your sense of adventure will drive you to try and find the fourth…

Sunset on Dawa Kol

Sunset on Dawa Kol


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