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Old Lifestyle

Like much of China, Xinjiang is a mix of ancient and modern lifestyles.  One day you will be in a booming metropolis and then next back in the 18th century in rural farming village.  It is an experience that cannot be forgotten. 

Xinjiang, China, Tractor, Village, Uyghur, Central Asia, Mongol, Mountains

In this quiet village outside of Mongol Creole, this tractor was a picture of wealth and status

Xinjiang, China, Tractor, Village, Uyghur, Central Asia, Yili

This man was taking his daily trip into Yili city to deliver his goods to market.

Xinjiang, China,Village, Uyghur, Central Asia, Turpan, Toyuk, Desert

In the town of Tuyuk where the temperature can reach 118 degrees sleeping outside under the shade of a grapevine is a necessity.

Xinjiang, China, Log House, Uyghur, Central Asia, Mountains

Living in a log cabin without electricity in the mountains is not an adventure or a weekend getaway but an everyday task for the residents of this house.

Xinjiang, China, Uyghur, Central Asia, Farm, Mountains

Farm and Mountains


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