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Hui Min Jie West Gate

This is the first of what will probably be many photoblogs on a very interesting place - Xi'an's Hui Min Jie (Hui Minority Street).  These pictures are what many of the tourist don't see, these streets are where the Hui people themselves go to buy their groceries, worship, eat, and socialize.  There were a few foreigners who ventured down here, but compared to the main street just north of the Drum Tower, there weren't many at all.  This first picture is of the gate, which you can find by walking about 300 meters or so west of the Drum Tower.

Hui Min Jie - small west gate

Small west gat to the Hui Quarter, Xi'an China

The second picture was taken inside the old Mosque, which I'll talk about in another photoblog.

Hui Mosque inside gate

Tang Dynasty Hui Mosque, Xi'an China

The "bike and bones" picture was, according to the nice Hui lady I talked to across the street from it, always photographed when foreigners did make it out this way.  She couldn't imagine why.  

Bike and Bones

Bike and Bones, Hui Quarter Xi'an China

This area is known in the tour books (I assume) for cheap trinkets and food.  The trinkets aren't worth writing about but the food sure is.  There will probably be many a photoblog on that, but for now I'll just leave a picture of some Jiaozi (dumpling) steamers.  

Jiaozi Steaming

Jiaozi Steamers Hui Quarter Xi'an China

This last picture is at first glance rather unimpressive.  What caught my eye was the lone tree still growing in the middle of all that rubble, power wires, and massed humanity.  Kind of reminds me a little of the plant from Wal-E (yes I have little kids).

Tree in construction zone

Still standing strong (if not so tall) Xi'an China


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