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How to get a Dutar...

Pieces of a musical puzzle

Pieces of a Dutar about to be made (Uyghur musical instrument), Kashgar, China

In the making

Making a Dutar (Uyghur musical instrument), Kashgar, China


Uyghur making a Dutar

Dutar in the making (Uyghur Musical instrument), Kashgar, China

Almost finished Dutar

Almost finished Dutar (Uyghur musical instrument), Kashgar, China

If you find yourself wandering through the streets of Kashgar and see something like a large guitar that looks slightly like a melon on top of a walking stick, then you have found The Dutar. Right down from Id Kah Mosque is a road that has about fifteen places to buy Dutars, the best places to buy a Dutar in Xinjiang. If you are a musician and thinking that you’d like to get one of these magnificent instruments then the best place to start is the shop where they are made. It is always good to get to know the instrument you are playing. There’s a small closet of a shop about midway up the street where you can watch these beautiful instruments be created. It takes a few days for a Dutar to be made, so unless you have a lot of time you can’t watch the process from start to finish, but it’s amazing to watch. Once you have spent some time understanding how these instruments are made then it is time to start shopping for one. It’s best to try and make a local friend who knows how to play the Dutar and bring him along. He will be able to help you figure out which one has the best sound and which one will be the best for your style. Once you find the Dutar that fits you best, then you should head out to the lake with a few Uyghur guys, some Kabobs and Nan and learn how to play. 


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